Your Digital Beverage Journal

Every month you receive your state’s Beverage Journal, Distributor Pricing Book, or Digital Price Catalog so you can figure out what the current wholesale prices are and decided what purchases you need to make. While the Beverage Journal/Digital Price Catalog is a great resource for the beverage industry many store owners have said that flipping through it to find what they are looking for can be time-consuming. Cobalt decided to team up with The Beverage Journal/Digital Price Catalog to find a solution and we came up with the BevJournal. A digital copy of your state’s distributor price can help save you time so you can focus your attention on other aspects of your business. You can get to your BevJournal by clicking the plus sign icon in the Navigation Bar of CobaltConnect.

Here you can see all the products available to you through the CobaltConnect Beverage Journal intergration. You will have all the same filters available to you in the My Products Module, except that you will see a column for your retail cost instead of your current stock number.

Products that are highlighted in red mean that they are already part of your My Products Module list. To add a new item to the My Products Module is very simple. Just check the box next to the item you want to add to your inventory. Two fields will then appear under the SKU and Retail Price sections. Once you have the correct information in you just have to select the Add to My Products button. After you do the page will refresh and then the items you added will now be highlighted in red. 

Now there might be an item you want to add to your My Products page, but you can’t find it no matter how you search for it. If you can’t find this product anywhere, don’t worry, we have it covered. Just go ahead and select the +Add Products Button in the right-hand corner. 

A popup will then appear for you to enter the product’s information. Fill out the product’s name, distributor, SKU, size, bottle cost, and retail price fields. If this is a product that you want to add to your inventory right away, check the Add to My Products and Clover box before you click Add New Product. Then you’re all set. A new item added to your My Products and Bev Journal all within a few clicks. 

And that is all there is to it! A task that used to take out a large chunk of your time has been condensed down into something that can be completed in a few minutes. Take all that free time and put your focus back to where it really matters, your customers.

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