Gaining Insight into Your Business

You work incredibly hard every day to ensure your business runs as successful as possible. On top of the dozens of tasks you do every day to accomplish this the most tedious part of this, besides keeping track of your inventory, is keeping track of all your records. You need to keep track of countless

Managing Your Accounts Payable

We know that managing your Accounts Payable is one of the most tedious tasks you have on your plate. You have a lot of transactions taking place at once and you can not make a mistake with any of your accounts that end up in a bounced check. If you do, then you end up

Creating A Purchase Order

Congratulations! If you are reading this blog, it means you feel comfortable enough in the My Products Module to create a purchase order. The purchase order system CobaltConnect has in place is going to bring so much ease to your purchase order process. To start you should be in the My Products Module. Your purchasing

Fixing Your Product Errors

You may have noticed in your My Products Module that some products have red lettering and you are unable to add them to a purchase order. If an item has red lettering than that means a product’s information is missing critical information. It is nothing to worry about, it’s a problem that happens quite often,