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BevJournal is a digital copy of your state’s Distributor Pricing Book. Whether you call it the Beverage Guide, Beverage Journal, or anything else our system has the integration your liquor store needs. CobaltConnect users who have switched from relying on the printed distributor pricing to using our digital BevJournal now report gaining back over 20 hours per month. This module is updated on a monthly basis with all major distributors’ case costs, bottle costs, Post-offs and other product information for your state. To add products to the My Products module, simply select the ones desired, enter the appropriate information into the open fields, and select "Add to My Products".


You can switch your distributors for any current purchase orders in the Price Comparison Module; however, this only changes the distributor for that order. If you would like to change that product's distributor for the foreseeable future, go into the Dual Products tab of the My Products module. From here, select the product you would like to change distributors for and then edit. Then you can pick your new distributor from the "Select Default Distributor" dropdown.

Products are highlighted red in the Beverage Journal to indicate that they have already been added to the My Products Module.

If products in your store's inventory do not exist in BevJournal, you can manually add them by clicking "Add Outside Products". From there, fill in the correct information and click "Add New Product". 

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