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Help Desk

Brand Audit

With the Brand Audit Module you will be able to make quick changes to your Global Price and Global Cost amounts for all of your brands. All brands in this module will automatically be set with your inital CobaltConnect upload. To make an adjustments at any time, go to the Manage Brand's Module.
To set your Global Price or Cost select the radio button next the the brand name. Below a list of the associated products with that brand will appear. To make any adjustment to the Global Price or Global cost select the edit button. This will open up the fields in the two columns for you to make your edits to. Select Save to keep any of your changes or Cancel.


You can make adjustments to your associated productsin two locations. First is the Manage Brands module where you can make bulk changes. To make changes one at a time open up the item sidebar menu in the My Products module. 

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