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CobaltConnect Liquor Store App

The CobaltConnect Liquor Store App gives you two amazing applications for the price of one. By combining this app with your CobaltConnect account you will be able to regulate your retail prices and monitor your sales like never before. You no longer have to worry about an employee underselling a product or forgetting to apply a sale because the app regulates that all for you. Just keep the app open and your register will be in perfect sync with the app. Call a CobaltConnect support specialist and get trained on the app today!


To get the app on your register head to your Clover Dashboard. In the sidebar, select “More Tools.” From there, search “CobaltConnect Liquor Store App.” It is free for all active CobaltConnect users. Once you download the application you can immediately start setting up your system. 

The CobaltConnect Liquor Store app is not automatically downloaded onto your Clover Device because guidelines vary from state to state so not every merchant needs to monitor their state minimum and discount prices.

The app must be open in the back end of the register in order for the program to work. Do not exit out of the application completely after you set it up. Keep it open in the background of your register otherwise the connection will be severed. 

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