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eCommerce Inventory

Managing a digital inventory is now easier than ever with CobaltConnect. After an initial setup, all your eCommerce products will be in sync with your My Products Inventory. The system has a digital database of images, product descriptions, tasting notes, ratings, and so much more that will be instantly connected with the product in your inventory or you can manage it entirely on your own by making changes in the sidebar. The entire process has been automated so now what used to take hours to import is streamlined in a matter of seconds. Have a fully operational online store up and running in just four to five days. Sending products to your site is as easy as selecting the product and clicking the toggle to send it live on your site. It is up to the merchant to manage what products are on the site or not.


If the CobaltConnect system is not connecting your eCommerce products information it could be an indicator that there is an issue with that product’s UPC creating a disconnect. However, you can manually add photographs and any other product information if you are unable to correct the match.

To remove a product from the site simply select the product and click the online toggle again then Update. This will automatically remove the product from the site.

You do not have to list your in-store and eCommerce items at the same price. In your eCommerce inventory, you can set Sale Prices for each item when you push them live to your website.

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