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Help Desk

Stock Audit

Managing your inventory is the most important part of running your store. Using the stock audit module will help you keep track of stolen or broken inventory. To use the module go to app.cobaltconnect.net/mobile on your phone or internet app on your barcode scanner and login as you usually would. Select the “Inventory Audit” in the bottom navigation bar and on the next screen select “Audit”. From there you can scan or search any product that you need to update. Just enter in the stock amount you counted and save to update your stock.


To see the changes in your stock from the audit, log back into CobaltConnect on your desktop with the regular URL, and go to “Settings”. Under “General” select “Stock Audit” and there you will see a record of all your manual changes from the audit.

The stock audit will only record the changes you made within the module.

You are unable to edit your stock in my products to avoid data entry mistakes and to prevent theft within your store

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