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Manage Distributors

With CobaltConnect and your state's Beverage Journal/Distributor Pricing Book integration you have automatic access to all distributors. The Manage Distributors module is where you can separate the distributors you are using from the ones that you are not. All distributors found in the dropdowns will be listed in the right column. To remove any, find the distributor you would like to remove, then select the arrow pointing to the left. This action will remove the distributor. Below is a table to help you better manage important distributor information. You must input your personal Client ID number and your Sales agent name in order for your CobaltConnect to be connected to your distributors. It is the merchant’s responsibility to enter this information or else your account will not be connected to your distributor.


You can add distributors back at any time. Simply select the distributor from the left column and move it back to the right. 

If you would like to switch distributors for one of your items, you can make the changes in Dual Items or the Price Comparison Module. 

Each merchant has their own identification number and sales agent. Entering the information manually yourself is the best way to ensure that your distributor account is specifically tailored to you. 

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