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Manage Categories & Taxes

In these modules, you can manage what products are assigned to which taxes and categories. Currently, merchants have to make these kinds of changes in Clover individually. With CobaltConnect you can make these changes in bulk and save yourself hours. These two Modules work similarly for your convenience. The difference being in the Manage Categories Module when creating a new category you need to add the category name and the parent category if one applies. For Manage Taxes it will be the Tax Name, Type (Tax Percentage or Flat Rate), and the Tax Rate. You can mark the tax as a default if it applies.


When making changes to any Categories or Taxes select the bubble to the left of the category or tax name. This will reveal a list of all the products that are associated with the tax/category. 

To add to the tax, size or category select the Add button to the right. A popup will appear with a list of all your products that are available to be added.

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