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Multi-Location Dashboard

The multi-location module is a merchant’s greatest tool when it comes to managing multiple store locations. Once all your desired locations are set up with their own CobaltConnect account our team enables the multi-location feature on all accounts. After the accounts are activated, merchants can add a single product to multiple locations with one click. They will also gain reports of their store’s combined sales, submitted orders, and top categories. Transfers between store locations will also be possible with just a few simple clicks.


Currently, the multi-location dashboard only allows two stores to be viewed at a time on the dashboard. Which stores you view can be changed with the Viewing drop down in the top right corner of the module.

The inventory transfer log is your history of transfers between your store locations. The widget on the dashboard will begin showing data as soon as you begin using the transfer module.

You cannot make changes to a product’s information in the Multi-Location module. If you see a product that you need to make changes you can make those adjustments in your My Products Module or in the Manage Attributes modules of the corresponding account. 

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