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A key component of running a liquor store is managing all the products you keep on your shelves. To see your inventory, select the “Products” dropdown in your Navigation Bar and click the “My Products” Module. In this section you can organize your products by the product name, size, stock, distributor, and category. Start your Purchase Orders directly from this section. As long as you keep CobaltConnect up to date, you will always have an accurate digital inventory.


If any products have red lettering in the My Products section then that means there is an error with their information. Any corrections to product errors can be done by selecting the product's name and then making the updates in the sidebar popup. 

Dual Items is where other distributors selling the same product are stored. By storing them here it saves you from having to scroll through dozens of the same items. This section also helps the Price Comparison module find you lower prices.

In your manual, you might have read references to a "Post Off" and a "Discount" column, but you do not see both in CobaltConnect. The column you see depends on the state your business resides in. You will see the Post Off column if your business resides in the state of Connecticut, and Discounts if you are in New Jersey. The difference between the two is that Post Off shows you the price change for a product occurring next month, while Discounts shows you any possible discounts the distributor is offering for the current month.

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