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Purchase Order Drafts

Draft POs are where all incomplete purchase orders are stored. They are automatically arranged by distributor when added to the shopping cart. To help you make better buying decisions, you will be able to see your 30, 60, and 90-day reports as well as a year-over-year analysis for each product list, the current stock quantity, and the quantity last purchased. At times, you will also see the scale icon next to a product name, which indicates that another distributor offers the same product. This will help you quickly compare and ensure that you always get the best price.


To see the status of any submitted purchase orders, head into the Purchase Order section in your Navigation Bar. From there, select the Purchase Order you are inquiring about. If there is any information on the status of the order, you can find it at the bottom of the page. You can also find any updates in the Notifications / Alert section on your Dashboard.

If you are unable to select a product to add it to your cart, that means that the product is already in your Draft POs, waiting to be sent to the distributor. 

Unmapped products are products that were input incorrectly during the initial mapping setup. If a product is listed as unmapped, most likely the distributor and/or the distributor’s product ID has not been properly assigned. This error can be fixed directly in Draft POs or by entering the Product Errors Module. 

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