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Quickbooks Intergration

When receiving an order it will automatically create a note in QuickBooks in your accounts payable. Any credits on that order will show as such. Your gross deposits will show in Quickbooks automatically and your cash deposits will show as a note as a whole at the end of each day. CobaltConnect’s system will automatically generate a breakdown of your sales by each category.

CC keeps track of all outstanding balances that have not been paid. When you select the send to QuickBooks button it will apply a payment to the operating account.

Chart of Accounts is solely managed by the merchant. The module can be found under the Quickbooks section in the side menu. When in the module the list of your CobaltConnect chart of accounts will be displayed on the left. Click on any of them to start mapping.

From there making a payment is easy. Go to accounts payable. Select which amounts due and credits you would like to make a payment on and then select send to QuickBooks. In Quickbooks the positive values then become negative.

If you do not see the payment note in your Quickbooks right away that is alright. Quickbooks will refresh and update within a few minutes. To force a pull from QuickBooks find your QuickBooks app. Right-click and select “run as admin”. Open Webconnector by right-clicking and selecting run as admin. Once in Webconnector you will be able to force an update and Quickbooks will then update.


If you just created a payment but do not see it in QuickBooks then QuickBooks has not updated yet. To manually fetch right-click your QuickBooks desktop icon and select “run as admin”. Open WebConnector by right-clicking and selecting run as admin. Force a pull. Webconnector automatically updates every ten minutes.

If you are unable to access your Chart of Accounts or QB Entires page by selecting them in your menu this means you have not set up your Quickbooks integration yet. Please reach out to the CobaltConnect support team to get started.

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