We Make Your Switchover Quick, Easy & Painless

Clover + CobaltConnect = The Perfect Liquor POS System. With both by your merchants' side, they'll be equipped to do so much more than a basic register or POS can handle. Whether your merchants are big or small, we can provide the perfect solution to help them manage their business as efficiently as possible.

CobaltConnect is compatible with all of the following systems, meaning we can export your existing inventory for a smooth POS switchover. CobaltConnect can also pull historical sales data from the POS systems listed in purple below.

The All-in-One Liquor POS You Need

Inventory & PO Management

Make changes to UPCs, product names, retail price and so much more and easily organize your purchase orders electronically.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Access tons of reports and business insights about your sales, buying behavior, price comparison and other advanced analytics.

Mobile & eCommerce Solutions

Streamline your business management with mobile compatibility and maximize your sales through multi-channel eCommerce solutions.

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